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Some of our work

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Recent Projects

Flexographics plates are used for a wide range of applications including, Labels, Foil Stamping, Embossing, Food Packaging, Engravings, Medical Packaging, Letterpress Printing, Polyethylene Printing.

In these pages we be describing specific real world uses for flexographic printing plates, such as photo-polymer plates, rubber plates, letter press plates and hot stamping dies.

Hot stamping die for the safety razor packaging, flexographic plates and rubber plates for bread, potatoes, cookies, fish, concrete tube formers and more…

Flexographic Printing Plate Company usually has a large variety of flexographic printing plates in production; the last month has been no exception. Here are a few of the flexo plates we have worked on .

The engraving department has made a hot stamping die for a national safety razor company’s new...Read More »

Photopolymer Plates for Pizza Boxes, and Hot Dog trays, Offset Printing Plates for Cotton Candy Containers & Plastic Buckets. Hot Stamping Dies for Diplomas

Flexographic printing plate company has been making a lot of flexographic printing plates for food service products lately.

Depending on the type of packaging the plates could be photopolymer plates or dry offset printing plates.

We have also been designing and creating a lot of hot foil stamping dies for diplomas and...Read More »

Flexographic Plates for Shopping Bags, Apple Packing Bags and Cigar Bands

There are many varied projects ongoing in Flexographics at any time, here are some of the projects we worked on recently:

Shopping bag designs – Flexo plates

Flexographics recently sent to a new Poly Bag Convertor in the Southwest, two new shopping bag designs. Plastic bags are usually made from low density...Read More »